Hong Kong Lottery Results – Winning Numbers and Rules

Lottery Hongkong

Hong Kong Lottery Results – Winning Numbers and Rules

The Hong Kong Jockey Club run one of the most popular lottery games in the world. The Mark Six game is a 6-out-of-49 lottery style game with 7 prize levels, and a jackpot that is worth millions of dollars to an individual who gets all 6 numbers correct.

There are 3 Mark Six draws every week – on Tuesday, Thursday and non-racing Saturday or Sunday at around 9:30pm. Bets are accepted up until 15 minutes before the televised drawing takes place.

Hong Kong’s Mark Six Snowball Draws (Jin Duo Bao) are very popular mainly due to the huge 1st division prizes that they offer. On selected draws a percentage of the entry money is deducted and placed into a special “Snowball Pool”.

A Quick Pick facility is also available if you want to select your own number combinations online. This is a similar facility to the “Lucky Dip” feature that is used in the UK National Lottery or nearly all USA Lottery games.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club have a long tradition of donating to charitable causes and the revenue that is raised through the Mark Six Lottery is used to fund those important causes. They donate around HK $1 billion per year to charities throughout Hong Kong and are one of the largest philanthropic contributors in the world.

Despite the recent slowdown in China’s economy – there is still a great demand for lottery tickets in mainland China and Macau. This is mainly due to the high jackpots that are offered by many of the local lottery games.