Lottery Hongkong – Raising Funds For Charity

The Hong Kong lottery is a popular way to win big money, but it can also be used to help raise funds for charity. It offers a wide range of prizes and jackpots, but it takes a bit of luck to win the biggest prize.

The jackpot is usually HK$8 million, but it can go as high as HK$100 million. You can win by matching all six of the winning numbers drawn in each drawing.

One of the largest lottery games in Asia, Lottery Hongkong is a 6/49 game that is organized by the Jockey Club. The lottery takes place 3 times a week and bets are accepted until 15 minutes before the draw.

It has been changed a few times over the years but it still uses 7 main numbers and an additional number called the Extra Number. The cheapest prize level is 1 number, the middle prizes are 3 numbers and the highest is 5 numbers.

You can play the Hong Kong lottery online on sites like Betfred and Boylesports. These websites offer a wide range of different betting options and allow you to place multiple bets, such as trebles and four folds.

In addition to the Mark Six thrice weekly draw, the Hong Kong Jockey Club also holds special “Snowball” draws throughout the year that have bigger jackpots. These draws are normally held on public holidays and festivals, attracting many players.

The organiser has also announced that it will increase the Mark Six lottery draw from once a week to twice a week to support efforts to boost tourism. The campaign will give residents the chance to win a Tesla, free airline tickets and a year’s worth of hotel stays.