Singapore Pools Lottery

Lottery Singapore

Founded in 1986, Singapore Pools has been in the gambling industry since its inception. Since its inception, Singapore Pools has managed to become a well-known gambling company in Singapore and has created many millionaires in the country. Moreover, Singapore Pools is one of the few national lottery organizations that have survived the test of time.

The company also offers sports betting. It is the main legal source of gambling in Singapore. The company has worked to expand its distribution network and has also launched authorized retail venues.

Singapore Pools also offers 4D lottery. This is one of the most famous lottery games in Singapore. To participate in this game, players need to pick four digital numbers between 0000 and 9999. This lottery is legal for all ages. It is also the second-longest running lottery in Singapore.

Singapore Pools also organizes special draws for certain games, such as the Singapore Sweep. This draw is held every first Wednesday of every month at 6:30PM. The Singapore Sweep jackpot prize is fixed and does not feature progressive prizes. The jackpot prize amount will be transferred to the next draw if there is no winner. This lottery is considered to be the most popular lottery game in Singapore.

The Singapore Sweep results are available on the official website of the organization. There are several other websites that also publish the results. The top prize was first increased to one million dollars in 1982. The second prize is awarded to one ticket holder.